New Products: Archery Wind Flags and Target Numbers

Today we would like to take the opportunity to present three new products at once. SICHTKRAFT listens to their customers and an often expressed wish from our customers is, that we should offer more supplies for archery events. And it makes sense: If you are going to order your scoreboards here, you most probably have a big event coming up where you need targets, target faces, flags, target numbers etc.

After we developed wind flags for shooting in early 2018 it was just the next logical step to offer wind flags for archery, too. It took us some time to develop a product that actually matches our high standards. While the rules are somewhat loose on the flags in archery, poor working wind flags can be quite frustrating for archers in competition. A lot of DIY solutions are too heavy to reliably indicate light changes in wind speed or direction, they get entangled or they are simply not durable.

Our wind flag has in fact a sliding bearing built-in, is made of light, weather resistant polyester and comes with a 100 cm glas fiber reinforced pole to attach it onto the target. It can rotate freely, so it will indicate direction and speed in low wind conditions while it is able to withstand winds way stronger than what would be considered save for shooting.

Have a look:

If you know SICHTKRAFT, you know that we never offer a product that is just half-finished. So, the attachment to the target stand is of course accounted for. We developed a mounting kit, including stainless steel screws by SPAX® of Germany, that remains bolted to the target stand. You can simply insert the glas fiber pole of the flag from the top and remove it, when there is no competition or practise or generally, when the flags aren’t needed. We designed the mounting kit in a way that should fit most target stands available. But, as there are innumerable target stand models in use around the world, a lot of them self-made, it is just impossible to have something that fits every possible target stand design. Therefore, the kit is sold separately.

See for yourself:

And last but not least, there are now target numbers available, too. Some customers already use our Scoreboard 1D and 2D as a target number board. Though the rules have been loosened on the “black on yellow and yellow on black” alternating color scheme, it’s still the conventional option and was requested by a lot of customers of ours. We are glad to say that we can now offer exactly that: High quality PVC film (in matching color to our yellow archery wind flag) on PP multiwall sheets, weather resistant and compatible with our scoreboard system:

If you have a questions about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, send us a message to or call us: +49 241 5570 5562 and we will gladly help you.

2 thoughts on “New Products: Archery Wind Flags and Target Numbers

  1. Helene


    Where can I buy your wind flags for archery? It looks like it is not available anymore?

    Best regards,

    • Tilman Bremer Post author

      That is correct, the product was phased out and is no longer available.

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